D&A EXPERT is a company of professional services designed to help small and medium enterprises to develop, leaving the operational activities to experts.

From basic documents to balance sheet, we successfully adapt to your needs!

Our accounting company provides customers reliability through professionalism, by finding optimal solutions in financial accounting, payroll and managerial policy.

We offer:

- Accounting expertise 
this helps you to prepare better financial statements and manage risks more efficiently.

- Accounting services
an accurate image of the financial statements helps contractors to understand and to manage their entire business better.

- Tax consultancy
through a strategic approach and a very good knowledge of various industries, our team of specialists will help you maintain a competitive environment, in accordance with valid tax regulations.

- Staff and payroll services

Administration services for human resources mean more mobility for the contractor, leaving the application of legislation in professionals care.

Imposed standards, two departments: accounting and human resources - by specialists engaged in activity, are available for effective and fast solving of problems you face in your business activity.

Outsourcing accounting and human resources presents a number of advantages that help you manage your company:

- Knowledge, understanding and correct application of accounting and tax legislation;
- Reduce costs with accounting work, both by reducing or eliminating tax expenses for wages and for job creation (space, furniture, computers, accounting software);

- Reduce your risk and transfer it to the accounting company;
- Working with a young, dynamic and well trained team;